OhioMeansJobs Medina County launches virtual job seeker workshops

06 Apr OhioMeansJobs Medina County launches virtual job seeker workshops

OhioMeansJobs Medina County is now offering virtual workshops at www.medinacountyworks.com/virtual-workshops for job seekers during the COVID-19 closure. Three video series are available – Applicant Tracking Systems, What’s In a Resume, and Answering Common Interview Questions. In the Applicant Tracking Systems series, you will learn about common tracking systems used by employers and why your application might get flagged as well as tips on how to make sure your submission gets through. What’s In a Resume discusses common resume myths, items to highlight in your resume, and what key features should always be included. Answering Common Interview Questions covers how to answer questions commonly asked during job interviews that many find difficult. The series will not only provide answers to these interview questions but also insight as to why employers ask them. Visit www.medinacountyworks.com/virtual-workshops to explore these virtual workshops. You may also register for a virtual, one-on-one OMJ orientation by visiting https://tinyurl.com/omjmcvirtual.

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