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Welcome to The OhioMeansJobs Medina County
Workforce Development Center. 


We help job seekers identify and overcome employment barriers.


We can help job seekers find employment goals by providing free services including:




Is Ohio’s on-line job matching website which is a gateway to local, regional and state employment. This is a free state service to employers and job seekers. The Center can provide assistance to both the job seeker and employer in the exploration and use of this service.


  1. One-on-one Career Counseling


Meet one-on-one with an experienced Career Counselor who can guide you through the unemployment process including career assessment, interview preparation and career coaching.


  1. Our Resource Room


OhioMeansJobs Medina County Workforce Development Center’s  Resource Room offers job seekers free Internet-connected computers for job searching, application completion, and resume submission.  We can also make copies and send faxes. Disability services are provided upon request.


  1. Job Matching Services


Our Center has created a “job matching system” by entering all of our registered job seeker’s resumes into a database where employers can review and identify potential employees.


  1. Workshops and Classes


Our classes and workshops provide job seekers with the skills neccisary to find gainful employment. Please see list below and link to sign up.


Resume Essentials Pt. 1 – This  class will discuss what employers are looking for in a resume. We’ll review resume format, discuss the importance of keywords, skills and accomplishments, highlight what to include in a resume, and what to avoid.


Resume Essentials Pt. 2 We want every participant to leave this workshop with a completed resume.  Please bring your completed MS word formatted document on a flash drive or e-mail it to yourself (so that you can upload it) and we can proof and make edits in our lab. Class size is limited.


Interviewing Techniques – This workshop outlines the steps to prepare for an interview, identifies typical interview questions and answers, and discusses proper follow-up to increase the likelihood of employment offers.


Microsoft Word 2010: Learn the use of Microsoft Word 2010.  Topics include: formatting documents, copying, pasting, editing, and working with graphics. Hands-on computer use is part of the class.

Class size is limited.


Networking for Employment – Learn the principles of networking along with the tools required to successfully promote your skills and experience.  There will be a short introduction to LinkedIn to get you started so that you can take our LinkedIn Fundamentals class.


LinkedIn Fundamentals – This session is to help you improve your already established LinkedIn account. Learn how to develop your LinkedIn profile to maximize your profile, contacts, and learn how to find jobs and establish important connections.  Class size is limited.


OhioMeansJobs & Labor Market Info We will show you how to use the statewide job matching website to conduct an effective job search, create a profile and upload your resume. You’ll get an overview of the versatility of the Ohio Labor Market Information site. Please bring your resume on a flash drive. Class size is limited.


Groups and Outreach Programs


Knowledge Builders – These sessions provide informative and motivational tips for job seekers from local area experts who offer insight to employment trends, recruitment strategies, interviewing, resumes and other topics pertinent to Job Seekers. Events are on Mondays from 1pm-3pm at following  Medina County Libraries (co-sponsor): Brunswick, Medina, Wadsworth, and Lodi.  Call 330-723-9675 for more information.


Management Group – This free networking group is for executive and management professionals.  The Management Group supports executive seekers looking to meet others, learn different trends and theories, and find camaraderie in the process.  Each meeting brings new and pertinent information, such as for LinkedIn, executive interviewing, job search, and more. Call 330-723-9675 for more information. 


Job Seekers Online Resources


For Job Seekers:

Our official job seeking and positions website. For job seekers OhioMeansJobs can help guide your career search which includes:

  • In-Demand Careers
  • K-12 Career Exploration
  • Online Training
  • Employment Programs
  • Career | Job Fair Events
  • Career Pathways (exploration)
  • Budget Calculator (Salary requirements)
  • Occupational Search
  • Career Profile


For Veteran Job Seekers:


Information Center for Ohio Veterans
Veterans in Ohio have an edge in finding their next career. Ohio values the service and sacrifice of its veterans; to that end, on Ohio Means Veteran Jobs you’ll find a wealth of information to help you make a smooth transition into civilian life
Veterans, Ohio values your service and has the top careers, employers and transition tools to help ease your transition from active duty to a new career


Military Crosswalk Search
Search codes or titles from the Military Occupational Classification (MOC). This is a method to assist employers and those exiting from the military to align their skills with their civilian counterpart.


My Next Move
Search Engine where prior military experience is linked to civilian careers.

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